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Each individual play an important role in the success and the future of Joyful Sound Radio. CEO and Production Manager Reggie Ables brings great leadership and direction. His prime focus is making sure that God recieves glory in all that he does. He says "I want Joyful Sound Radio to be a household name."Viikia Dyer brings an artistic touch with her multiple gifts, abiities and talents, allowing God to use her to be a blessing to both Joyful Sound Radio and others. She is a vessel that just wants to be used by God. she say's "my prayer is that God will bless me so I can bless others." The Gospel Dj possess a fun, down to earth and charasmatic personality. Quick to listen and slow to speak. Humbled to be used by God in such a great way and enjoys proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

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Vilikia Dyer is the Executive Producer, Designer, Engineer and Assistant Production Manager here at W.L.O.V Joyful Sound Radio.

Vilikia Dyer gave her life to Christ at a tender age of 7. She has always had a passion for music, singing, producing, designing and the arts. Vilikia came to the realization that she needed a degree to go along with her gifts and abilities so she attended Gulf Coast State College where she graduated with an A.S Degree in Muisc Production Technology in 2011. While in school Vilikia was able to utilize her skills in the media department at her Church Family of God Baptist Chruch where she served for 3 1/2 years. Vilikia is currently completeing her A.S Degree in Digital Media Multi-Media Technology at Gulf Coast State College.

Vilikia has multiple talents and abilities under her belt such as, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Singer, Song Writer, Producer, Musician, Photographer just to name a few.




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The Gospel DJ moved to Panama City, FL in 1969 and embarked in the music industry. In 1989 he was hired to be a part of what became the hottest music entertaiment around the Panhandle for the next decade and a half. In the early 2000's The Gospel DJ became burned out and tired of being on the road and the late nignt club life. He was in search of a higher calling, a spiritual calling, the seed that his late God fearing grandmoter had planted in him years earlier was starting to grow. Two years later the Gospel DJ left the Music Entertainment Company and gave his life to Christ. In late 2012, The Gospel DJ was introduced to the owner & CEO of Joyful Sound Entertainment and there was an immediate connection so, in the middle of 2013 The Gospel DJ was offered a position as a radio personality of Joyful Sound Radio.

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Reggie Ables is the Owner, CEO, and Production Manager of W.L.O.V Joyful Sound Radio.

In 2002 Reggie gave his life to Christ and decided to pursue a passion that was dear to his heart... music. So, he joined the church choir but still wanting to do more, he started his own company called Joyful Sound Entertainment.

Three years later in a dream God gave him Joyful Sound Radio, which was confirmed by his pastor Kenric Conway of Family of God Baptist Church two weeks later. Now we are able to witness the manifestation of Joyful Sound Radio. So buckle up and get ready for the ride.